Upcoming Events

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Beginning on October 3rd 2019, there will be a service in St Paul's every Thursday at 7.30 pm and ending at 8.00 pm. The Church has such a treasury of different devotions that services will be varied according to the season but we will begin with a short Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament ending with Benediction. October is the month traditionally devoted to the Rosary and so the following week will be a Rosary Service. The week after, still October, the service will focus on the many hymns to Our Lady which have been so popular over the years, so if you have a favourite which haven't sung for a long time, then let Fr Southworth know and we will sing it - as long as we can find the words and the music!

The Evening Prayer of the Church will be a regular feature of these Thursdays, Advent has a rich source of material and Lent gives us the Stations of the Cross. The important part of these services is that they can be led by parishioners. So we hope to gather a team together who will lead them. Volunteers are asked to sign the list in the sacristy.