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Altar Servers at Metropolitan Cathedral

Alice with Archbishop Kelly

Alice with Archbishop Kelly

On Saturday 21 September 2019, Alice attended the Guild of St Stephen Mass at the Metropolitan Cathedral. The Mass was celebrated by Archbishop Patrick Kelly - Archbishop Emeritus of Liverpool. It was a wonderful faith filled afternoon.

The Cathedral was packed with Altar Servers from all over the country. All the servers were proudly wearing their Guild of St Stephen medal. We witnessed the reception of many bronze medals - after 1 year of service, silver - after 10 years service and gold - after an amazing 50 years service.

History of the Guild

The Guild of St Stephen is an International Organisation of Altar Servers founded in England in 1904 by Father Hamilton McDonald.

The objectives of the Guild are:-

  • To encourage, positively and practically, the highest standards of serving at the Church's liturgy and so contribute to the whole community's participation in a more fruitful worship of God.

  • To provide altar servers with a greater understanding of what they are doing so that they may serve with increasing reverence and prayerfulness and thereby be led to a deepening response to their vocation in life.

  • To unite servers of different parishes and dioceses for their mutual support and encouragement.

We would like to see more altar servers for the parish of St Paul and St Timothy. Any parent whose son or daughter is interested in becoming an Altar Server (and has made their First Holy Communion) please give their name to Fr John Southworth. Obviously if you are an adult wishing to be an altar server, you can see him yourself!

Lourdes 2019


A group of parishioners travelled to Lourdes in July. The heat was quite unbearable but everyone enjoyed being in thepresence of all those who needed to be there. Lourdes is a very happy place especially for all those who find life difficult. We enjoyed taking part in the prayers and all the services.

One of our group ventured into the baths, even though the wait was three hours. The wonder of Lourdes is that everyone chats to one another and learns so much about the lives of people from different countries.

We met Sam who lives in the Isle of Man. She is hoping to be received into the Church soon. Sam was an inspiration to us and became friends with Alice our Altar Server. The Altar Servers received a special blessing from Bishop Tom Williams after Mass in St Bernadette Church. He also blessed the medals of St Stephen for the servers.

Cardinal Vincent said "Hello" as did the Archbishop.

Special memories are made in Lourdes especially for Alice. We had a wonderful happy , faith filled time with all our friends old and new. On parting we promise to pray for one another since we all belong to the universal church. Maybe we will return next year.


Budapest 2019

Basilica of St Stephen

Basilica of St Stephen

A group of parishioners visited Budapest in August. A very interesting, busy city, lots of history to learn about. The main Basilica, in the square, is named after a King Stephen who was able to bring all the people together for a peaceful reign. He was declared a saint in recognition of all the good work he did. It is a very beautiful church and thousands of people visit it every year. A cruise on the River Danube gives a different perspective on the city and a wonderful view of the Parliament Buildings. We found the Hungarian people to be very friendly and helpful. The food is interesting and generally very tasty and wholesome.

Of course the story of the Hungarian Jewish community is heartbreaking and a visit to the Jewish Musem, set in what was the ghetto in a wing of the Dohany Street Synagogue, brings their story alive. We spent some time in the Synagogue and we realised, in listening to the guide, how close our Liturgies are to those in the Jewish tradition. The Museum holds one of the oldest surviving Torah finials, from 1602. We learnt, from a 3rd century stone etched with a Menora, that Jews have lived in Hungary for a long time. A lovely but exhausting visit which has given us a lot to think about. An enlightened parishioner.

Parliament Building

Parliament Building

Basilica at night

Basilica at night

Sanctuary Lamp

The sanctuary lamp in St Paul’s contains a candle. The photo on the right shows a close up view. The lamp has recently been cleaned and refurbished (KSC paid for this job).


UCM Sponsored Walk


On Sunday 2nd June. 20 UCM members, parishioners  and Fr John Meehan,  set off on our 2k walk to help  raise money for defibrillators for St. Paul's and St. Timothy's Churches.  Although the weather was a little bit wet we were not put off.   We started from the gates of the Croxteth Park Estate in West Derby village at 10.30.

As we reached the house we realised that a few other people were also walking that day!  The Walk for Men was also taking place that morning.  So we had a DJ, trumpets and drums to set us on our way!

The walk starts at the house and travels round in a circle through the woods to bring you back to the back of the house, to the unfit like myself it felt more than 5k! However it was as always a pleasure to be with friends and walk, talk and catch up at the same time and all for a good cause. 

We all completed the course and sponsorship money is being collected this week, our next main meeting is on the 19th June and the total amount raised will be put in the newsletter after that date.

We would like to thank everyone who took part and who sponsored us for such an important cause.

Holy Week and Easter

The display shows not only the bowl and jug for the washing of feet but also the holy oils which were blessed the previous night at the Chrism service at the Metropolitan Cathedral. The oils are used for Baptism, Confirmation and Sacrament of the Sick.

The display shows not only the bowl and jug for the washing of feet but also the holy oils which were blessed the previous night at the Chrism service at the Metropolitan Cathedral. The oils are used for Baptism, Confirmation and Sacrament of the Sick.

Maundy Thursday: Evening Mass of the Lord’s Supper

We celebrated the institution of the Eucharist and Jesus washing the feet of his disciples.  Immediately after this Mass the Blessed Sacrament was taken in procession to  the Altar of  Repose.

The Watching at the Altar of Repose ended with a short service of  Night Prayer.

12 parishioners had their feet washed just as Jesus washed the feet of his apostles.

12 parishioners had their feet washed just as Jesus washed the feet of his apostles.

Good Friday

We celebrated the Liturgy of the Word which includes the Passion according to  St John.  Then we Venerated the Cross, a plain wooden cross (not a crucifix).  It is the cross itself which is the object of our Veneration, the very wood on which Jesus died, as the ancient antiphon proclaims Ecce Lignum Crucis, Behold the Wood of the Cross.  Finally we received Holy Communion which was consecrated at the Mass of the Lord’s supper the previous evening.  

Also, on Good Friday, many parishioners met at Bulldog Pub for a Walk of Witness to West Derby Village and, then in the village, there was a Short Ecumenical Service.


Any photos of the walk or of the service welcome. Please send them to:

Both on Maundy Thursday and on Good Friday, the Senior Choir and the Easter Singers enhanced the services with some inspirational singing. They continued to be in fine voice for the Easter Vigil.

Holy Saturday - Easter Vigil

The Easter Vigil began outside the church where the Paschal Fire was burning; from this the Paschal Candle was lit. After the readings telling us of the great works of God for his people and St Luke’s telling of the Resurrection, we celebrated the Sacraments of Baptism and Confirmation and we all renewed our baptismal promises. And with the promises of baptism ringing in our ears we should all go forward together to share in the food and drink of Life in the Eucharist. 


St Patrick’s Party

This was held in St Paul’s Parish Centre on Saturday, 16th March, in the afternoon. As usual, the Social and Welfare organised this event, which was well attended. There was a lovely buffet by Josie (manager of Parish Centre) and the music was done by Charlie (who has served us very faithfully over the years for this event). There was a quiz, Irish Bingo, a raffle and a lot of laughter.


cafod meeting

At our Lent Planning  meeting in St Paul’s Parish Centre on Wednesday, February 20th, we were delighted to hear from our guest speaker Mark Chamberlain who spoke about the work of CAFOD in Kenya. The CAFOD event was well organised and the speaker was able to explain CAFOD's future campaign plans and had first hand stories to tell about visits to Africa. Some Powerpoint slides were shown.

About 30 people were present in total from various parishes with only a few from St Paul’s and St Timothy’ s parish. Nevertheless those present certainly went away with increased knowledge and understanding of CAFOD'S aims.

Annual Christmas Cafod run


On December 27th 2018, a few parishioners from St Paul’s and St Timothy’s joined Kath King (our CAFOD representative) on the annual fun run organised by CAFOD.


Christingle Service


The Christingle service on the 4th Sunday of Advent in the evening at St Paul’s church was very well attended. The Beavers and Rainbows, carrying their Christingles, formed a procession to the altar. After a mixture of readings, poems and carols, the ministers with the children processed around the church to bless the Christmas tree. The children sang ‘We wish you a Merry Christmas’ as a finale.


Collection of Goods for FOODBANK


The Knights of St Columba wholeheartedly thank the parishioners who responded in true style by brilliantly donating to the parish collection for the Foodbank. The two pictures show the bare shelves after Saturdays distribution was over and almost 100 bags of food and toiletries which were donated over the weekend to be put back on the shelves. In addition other parishioners gave cash towards the appeal and this will be used from time to time to buy items which are in short supply. Thank you so much for your continued generosity.


Share the journey with CaFOD

On Saturday, 15th September, after 10:00 Mass at St Timothy’s, a group of about 10 parishioners, led by Brother David, walked, praying on the way, to West Derby Village where they met members of other churches in the area. Everyone then walked round Croxteth Park - it was good company and fine weather so it was an enjoyable occasion but it was all done in a good cause.

Share The Journey was launched by Pope Francis to  stand up for  the rights of  people on the move. The Catholic community has answered the call. Every mile that is walked will send a powerful message to the rest of the world. The group of walkers in West Derby on Saturday have added their totals to the Cafod totaliser.

Have a look at how far people have already walked around the world on the totaliser, Share the journey.


Role of UCM at Adoremus National Congress

Maria, a parishioner, sent this article.

As Diocesan President to The Union of Catholic Mothers, I was asked if we could provide cover for two Exhibitions being held at the Cathedral the same time as the Congress. The UCM committee & members covered Friday through to Sunday 8am to 6pm. The Archives exhibition was held in the Abraham chapel, showing items from the 1908 Congress held in London, illustrating the history of the Catholic church of England & Wales plus other materials about Adoration of the Eucharist from the last century up to the present day.

Eucharistic Miracles, another exhibition, had been  put together by Carlos Acutis who had collated all the church's confirmed Eucharistic Miracles and put them on line. The exhibition consists of one hundred and sixty posters, one half in the Gibberd room under the Cathedral. The other half was at St John's Kirkdale with a video show as well. Carlo dedicated his short life to the Eucharist and he died from Leukemia aged 15. You can view the exhibition & DVD on line at Both exhibitions were worth a visit and were well attended. UCM were presented with a commemorative medal shown on the right.

Top side of medal

Top side of medal

Bottom side of medal

Bottom side of medal


Ten delegates went to represent St Paul’s and St Timothy’s Parish at the Congress at the weekend of 7th to 9th September. We have two reports. (Editor’s Note - these articles were left largely unaltered - so as not to spoil them.)

Here is a report by Tracy, one of the parish reps for the occasion.

Adoremus - A weekend filled with joy

On Saturday 8th September 2018, I made my way to the Echo Arena for the National Eucharistic Congress. On the BVM birthday I was in my home city filled full of expectation and wonder of the day ahead. What an unforgettable experience and such a privilege to be part of this occasion.

On a day packed with faith filled inspirations too many to mention here I have give careful thought to three details of my encounter of Christ’s message.

Witnessing the Walsingham statue being carried by members of the armed services and Peter Ross (a Seminary student from our pastoral area) lighting the way for her.

Listening to Bishop Baron - The mystery of the Mass. In his talk he reflected on the Sign of the Cross. He asked us to Make  the Sign of the Cross and say the words - I belong to the Holy Trinity

See if you can spot 2 of our delegates!

See if you can spot 2 of our delegates!

The grand finale to the day Exposition and Benediction - in one word - AMAZING!!!

Can I urge you to ‘stop for a visit ‘ when you can at our church to encounter Jesus at Adoration as a sign of our devotion and love. Put your trust in Him, offer prayers and Discover the Love of Christ in your life !

On Sunday 9th September 2018,  I attended the Mass at the Metropolitan Cathedral led by Cardinal Vincent Nichols  and then joined the procession. I was lucky enough to discover a photograph  of me in the crowd - a moment in time , a face in history.

Report by Beryl, another delegate from the parish

Adoremus 2018 was a very uplifting experience. I attended the whole weekend and it was very interesting chatting to people from all over  England and Wales.  I attended a workshop on Friday afternoon, in which Prison Chaplains talked about the influence of the Eucharist on those who lived in prison. They told us of prisoners reactions when Mass was celebrated -‘It is the only time when I feel normal'. 'I feel that Jesus is really with me and it gives me hope'.  'I really appreciate the Ministers coming in and celebrating Mass with us - I feel that we are all the same.'

The power of the Eucharist speaks to everyone in every situation.

Celebration of Mass and the Procession that followed,  on Sunday,   was a calm and prayerful statement of faith and witness to Jesus in the Eucharist, Our question now is, 'How can we get this message  of Adoration of the Eucharist to others?'

We were presented with lots of  ideas  and thoughts,  given presentations by young people who have found God in their lives and  who wanted to share this. Mary's Meals, another project that started by feeding a few people and is now world wide.  The power of Jesus in people’s lives.

Here is another article which arrived towards the end of October by Brenda.

It was a great privilege to attend the Congress. The masses in the Cathedral preceding the Congress each day were very special and very gratifying with large numbers of Clergy - Priests, Bishops and the Apostolic Nuncio together with the one of the main speakers Bishop Robert Byrne.

There were different youth groups exploring the themes of the congress through Drama, Testimony and Presentation, all executed to a very high standard. All participants were a credit to our youth.

There were various speakers on both days dealing with different aspects of the Eucharist.

There were also various Keynote speakers and the talks can be accessed on the internet. On the Saturday, the main speaker was bishop Robert Barron from USAQ. He is well known to viewers of EWTN and his talks were very powerful

At the end of the day, everything was about the centre of our Catholic faith, respecting Jesus in the Eucharist and the importance of Eucharistic Adoration.