Form for Gift Aid

Please download the relevant form and related document, fill in the form and send by post to the parish or hand it in to the presbytery or the sacristy. 

Gift Aid Form

You can increase the value of your gifts to St Paul’s and St Timothy’s parish at no cost to yourself, by allowing the parish  to claim the tax back on your donations. Simply sign a GIFT-AID form.

On the form, you can choose one or more options:

  • a single donation made today
  • all future donations
  • all donations made in the past four years

to be gift-aided.  Obviously we would be very grateful if you can tick all 3 options!

For more information, you may like to read our FAQ on Gift-Aid. Since you have to sign the form, please fill in the form, print it, sign it and then deliver it.

Form for starting Gift Aid