Form to Request a Copy of Baptism Certificate

Please download the relevant form, fill in the form and send back to the parish by email via specified email address on the form. Normally, you will receive at least an email acknowledgement within 48 hours of receipt of the form but, if you do not, please make some allowances since the office can be busy on certain days and times of the year

Baptism Certificate

If you require a copy of baptism certificates for your children, then download the following form. Note that you need to know the date of their baptism. If you do not know the exact date, please give a rough idea (i.e so many weeks or months after your birth) to help us find the baptism dates.  

Request baptism certificate form 

Adults, who require a baptism certificate before getting married, will soon be able to apply online via the page on Marriage but this is not completely ready yet. You will have to apply via the usual channels .