Jesus was baptised by John

Jesus was baptised by John

The Sacrament of Baptism

And a voice spoke from heaven, ‘This is my Son, the Beloved; my favour rests on him.’ Matthew 3:17

Dear Parents

As parents of a new baby or a baby eagerly awaited, the responsibility and wonder you sense is something we want to celebrate with you as you bring your child to the Church for the Sacrament of Baptism. Our parish warmly welcomes all new members. Your child is important to our community as he/she will bring new life to you and to our Church.

Like all parents, you hope to give your child all that is best for them, so that your child will grow to be a good and complete human being, achieving their God given potential and fullness of life. This will include a desire for your child to be a member of the Church. As you are aware, the first step is Baptism.

Baptism is a wonderful gift to offer your child. Through this Sacrament, your child will become a member of our household of faith, here at St Paul’s and St Timothy’s. In your home, we hope your child will come to know, love and serve God. The following guidance is to assist you and your child on your journey of faith in the Catholic Church.


Some frequently asked questions:

How soon can I / we have my child baptised?
The Church strongly recommends that parents should have their child baptised within the first few weeks or months after birth. Arrangements can even be made before the child is born. It is better to have the Baptism sooner rather than wait for a suitable time for a large family celebration. That is why we only accept bookings within the next three months. Parents will be asked to fill in a form; the date of the next baptism preparation session will be given. The baptism date will then be confirmed.

Must I / we be Catholic to present a child for baptism?
At least one parent must be a Catholic to have their children baptised in the Catholic Church.

Who can be a godparent and how many can we have?
Only one godparent is necessary but there can be one man and one woman. At least one must be a baptised Catholic and the other baptised in another Christian church (some Christian churches have a ‘naming’ or ‘blessing’ ceremony for children. This is not baptism).
During the Baptism service godparents will have to make Baptismal Promises which include professing belief in the Christian faith as expressed in the Apostles Creed. They will also promise to try to live a good life.

Do we have to make any payment for the Baptism?
No fee is charged for administering the Sacrament. It is however customary to make a donation to the Church.


We are a chosen people,

A family people,

Chosen for love and to share love,

Chosen for joy and to spread joy,

Chosen for friendship and for befriending,

Chosen for blessing and to bless,

Chosen for fruitfulness,

Chosen for harvest.

We are a chosen people,

A family people,

Your family,

Our family.

(Based on John 15:9-17)