CAFOD Family Fast

CAFOD asks us all to consider having a simple meal next Friday March 15th for Family Fast Day.

 There will be a retiring collection in aid of CAFOD after  ALL Masses THIS Weekend (16th/17th March). 

Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament is restarting on Thursdays in St Timothy’s from 8:30am to 9:10am and on Fridays in St Paul’s from 9:45am to 10:30am.

During Lent, there will be stations of the Cross on Tuesdays in St Paul’s at 7pm and on Fridays in St Timothy’s at 12 noon.

Also, during Lent, the Wednesday evening Mass, normally in St Paul’s at 7:30pm, will be held in Broughton Hall Convent at 7pm.

SYNOD 2020


On Sunday 3rd February at 3pm, the Archbishop of Liverpool inaugurated Synod 2020. The 500 members of the Synod (including 4 from our parish , Fr John Southworth, Fr John Meehan, Marion Simonet and Mark Thompson) were present to make their profession of faith and to hear the archbishop send them out to undertake their tasks. We were all invited to the service in order to pray and to support all the members of the Synod.

You are all invited to enter the online Synod 2020 questionnaire, especially if you cannot attend parish meetings taking place between May and July this year. More details about the Synod are available on the Synod 2020 website. We have set up a new page on our parish website that will describe eventually our own preparation for the Synod.

The Synod service held at Metropolitan Cathedral on Sunday February 3rd, 2019

The Synod service held at Metropolitan Cathedral on Sunday February 3rd, 2019


A recent photo showing a close up view of the beautiful sanctuary lamp in St Paul’s. It has been cleaned and refurbished (KSC paid for this job).

A recent photo showing a close up view of the beautiful sanctuary lamp in St Paul’s. It has been cleaned and refurbished (KSC paid for this job).

St Paul's church

St Paul's church

Brief welcome and history

Welcome to the Parish of St Paul and St Timothy in the  West Derby area of Liverpool. We are a growing parish with at present around 700 people attending our three weekend Masses, Saturday 5:30pm at St Timothy's, Sunday 8:30am and 11:15am at St Paul's.

St Paul's church was opened in 1914 and consecrated in 1915. St Timothy's parish was established in 1957 and the two parishes amalgamated in 1997.

Another paragraph will be eventually inserted from the About page (which is being written by one of the History group set up in 2015).

The parish history is only important if  it helps us to build our community spirit and we move on from the past. 

St Timothy's church

St Timothy's church


We are starting a monthly series of Special Articles written by parishioners on behalf of various teams or groups. After contributions from the RCIA team in September and the Knights of St Columba in October. It is the turn of the Social and Welfare Group in November. There has been a lull but we do hope to create a timetable soon and restart this initiative.

Recent events

The annual social for St Patrick’s feast day was a happy occasion for parish…….

Mark Chamberlain came to St Paul’s Parish Centre on Wed, February 20th to speak about the work of CAFOD in Kenya…...

See the Youth News page for photos of Beavers at a recent investure and other Cubs being awarded a Silver Medal…

We celebrated the feastdays of St Paul on 25th January and of St Timothy on 26th January by having refreshments after Mass on both days!

A few parishioners did the CAFOD Fun Run …..

Marion Simonet (elected unopposed) is the representative for St Paul’s at Synod 2020. Mark Thompson was elected as the representative for St Timothy’s,

The annual Christingle Service and the annual Ecumenical Carol service have both been held. Photos available…

KSC organised another collection of goods for the Foodbank……..

A group of parishioners went to Walsingham recently with a pilgrimage from St Margaret Mary’s…….

A page has been added about the Christian Brothers at St Timothy’s, their way of living and their work

Some parishioners joined members of other churches on a walk for CAFOD …..

Ten delegates from the parish went to Adoremus and 3 have submitted reports….

KSC has recently paid for refurbishment of the sanctuary lamp at St Paul's

The Lourdes at Home events between July 21st and 28th were well attended...…

Some Parishioners went to Lourdes.....

Pat has written a History of the Senior Choir

Sacramental Events this week

Congratulations to our children who made  their First Holy Communion on Saturday, 24th June.....

Please keep them in your prayers

Also congratulations to children who have been baptised recently and to recently married couples.....

Brief Contact Details

address: The Presbytery 10, Spring Grove,  West Derby, Liverpool L12 8SJ

Parish office number: 0151 228 3405

email: (for attention of Fr John Southworth)

email: (for general enquiries)

email: (for comments on web pages)

Upcoming Events

Meetings to be held in St Paul’s church for Parents with children in Year 4 who do not attend Catholic Schools but would like their children prepared for 1st reconciliation and 1st Holy Communion……

Exposition in Lent will take place on Thursday before Mass and on Fridays after Mass .....

The trip to Pantasaph and Holywell that had been arranged for June 23rd has been cancelled. It is being rearranged for a date in the Autumn...... 

Forthcoming ecumenical meetings have now been added to the calendar

St Paul's and St Timothy’s Catholic Infant School

St Paul's and St Timothy’s Catholic Infant School

St Paul's Catholic Junior School

St Paul's Catholic Junior School

For brief details about services, meetings, future events etc,  please look at the calendar.

If any parish event or meeting is missing from the Calendar  or is incorrect, please give the information required by emailing

Note, though, that weekday masses are subject to change and so they have only been inserted for the current week.

Notes from the webmaster:

1. Many photographs  are altered by the webmaster. Some are cropped, some are made brighter, some have minor details removed. After advice, some of the older photos that were inserted at the start of the website process did have faces slightly pixelated because of lack of consent  from parishioners  at  the time. Some people may have objected to this -  so the pixelation has now been removed. It is hoped that the webmaster is not attacked by former parishioners who have left this world!  All pictures have their resolution reduced to save space and, hence, loading times are shorter.  Anyone who wants a copy of the original photo can apply to the webmaster who will ask the original owner of the photo for permission to be sent. 

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