Synod Timetable

(only from May 2019)

* indicates meetings involving  all Parishioners


Sept 2018—August 2019

May 2019-June 2019

30 June 2019

*Parish meetings  (6 altogether were arranged for the parish)

*Synod Online Survey closes


Sept 2019—April 2020 

September 2019

Sun 13th Oct 2019

Oct 2019—Apr 2020

April 2020—May  2020

Members meetings

*Synod Sunday

*Exploring, Listening & Inviting 

Proposals meetings

Presentation of the themes brought up in parish meetings

Themes presented across the Archdiocese plus Pastoral Letter

Parish meetings to discuss the themes

Outcome of the Parish meetings discussed by members and turned into Proposals


June 2020 Proposals

June 2020—October 2020 Proposals

Presented to Members 

*Parish meetings to discuss Proposals

SYNOD 2020

8—16 October

Friday 16 October

17 October

18 October

November 2020

 Archdiocesan Novena

Evening of Prayer

Synod Saturday

Synod Sunday

Acknowledgement of Outcomes in parishes

Members Gather, Aintree