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Sacrament of  Marriage

God is love and those who live in love live in God and God lives in them (1 John 4:16)



Some frequently asked questions:

Can we be married at St Paul's or St Timothy's?

Owing to the large number of requests received from couples wishing to get married at the Parish of St Paul's and St Timothy's, it is necessary that at least one of the parties must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a baptised Catholic
  • Reside within the Parish of St Paul's and St Timothy's
  • Attend weekly mass at St Paul's or St Timothy's
  • Or be closely associated with the Parish of St Paul's and St Timothy's

If a couple satisfies the above criteria, they should then complete the marriage request form and email the form to

Once the form has been received, the Parish Priest will be in contact to arrange an appointment.



What are the Requirements of the Church?

  • To complete the marriage request form
  • A Catholic will need to contact the Parish Priest of the parish they live in for permission for the marriage to take place, so that the forms can be completed.  (Not needed for Catholics who reside within the parish of St Paul’s & St Timothy’s )
  • To arrange a meeting with the parish priest to complete the pre- nuptial form - the Parish Priest will contact you.
  • To attend the marriage preparation course. We will advise you when this course will take place
  • To obtain a recent copy of your baptism certificate from the Church where you were baptised. (Not needed for St Paul’s & St Timothy’s Baptisms)
  • To attend a number of meetings with the Priest or Deacon who will be officiating at your wedding
  • One of these meetings will be arranged to go through your order of service. That means choosing the readings, hymns, etc for your ceremony.
  • If you are both Catholics who regularly come to Mass, you may wish to have your wedding (nuptial) service within the celebration of a Mass with Holy Communion, or you may have the wedding (nuptial) service without Holy Communion. This will need to be discussed and agreed with the Parish Priest.
  • If one of you is not a Catholic, there is no problem about getting married in the Catholic Church.  You will just need to complete some extra paper work.  

For planning purposes, the Church ceremony itself usually takes about one hour but you should add extra time for any photographs in the grounds or the Church after the ceremony. 


What are the Requirements of the State?

No more than twelve months in advance of your wedding day date, telephone the registry office to make an appointment to give notice of ceremony itself or you can look at the webpage for Liverpool registrations. 

  • After 1st January 2001, each party is required to give notice of intention to marry in PERSON to the superintendent registrar of the registration district where you reside.  Even if you live in the same district TWO certificates will be required.
  • The waiting period between notification and issue of certificate can vary at different times in the year. Therefore it is better to make the appointment sooner rather than later
  • Be advised by them when to collect the certificates authorising your marriage from the registrar and bring the certificates to the Priest’s house.   

You can not be married without these legal certificates.

  • If the registrar office staff asks the name of the authorised person who will witness your marriage, simply say it will be one of the appointed persons to the parish.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the Parish Priest.  In the meantime remember to pray about your wedding and ask the Lord’s blessing on you both.

May God and our marriage bring us joy.

God give us joy of one another!

Be ever in the embrace of the Father.

Be ever in the embrace of the Son.

Be ever in the embrace of the Spirit.

Be ever in the embrace of one another.

May the Lord tie a bond of our love

between us for ever without loosening.

Adapted from a Celtic prayer