New Parish priest Announced (21st October 2018)

The Archbishop of Liverpool has appointed Father John Southworth to be Parish Priest of St Paul’s and St Timothy’s Parish. Fr John has been Parish Priest of Our Lady of Mount Carmel for 19 years. Mount Carmel amalgamated with St Patrick’s Parish to become one parish in 2015.

We will welcome Fr John Southworth when he arrives on 1st Sunday of Advent and we pray that everyone will work with him and Fr John Meehan as a new chapter starts for the parish.

Ideas about how to address the two Fr Johns will be appreciated! Someone suggested M&S…..

Message about Fr Darren (9th September 2018)

The parish received the news over the weekend Masses that Fr Darren has been recalled to his Diocese by the Bishop of Lancaster; this recall was in full consultation with Archbishop McMahon.  This was Fr Darren's last weekend in the parish and, while we are waiting for a new Parish Priest, Fr John Meehan will be the point of contact for any parish business. 

The parish is very grateful to  Fr Darren for being our Parish Priest since the end of November 2017 and send our best wishes and prayers to him for his new posting and in his current role as National Vocations Director..

 St Paul's church

St Paul's church

Brief welcome and history

Welcome to the Parish of St Paul and St Timothy in the  West Derby area of Liverpool. We are a growing parish with at present around 700 people attending our three weekend Masses, Saturday 5:30pm at St Timothy's, Sunday 8:30am and 11:15am at St Paul's.

St Paul's church was opened in 1914 and consecrated in 1915. St Timothy's parish was established in 1957 and the two parishes amalgamated in 1997.

Another paragraph will be eventually inserted from the About page (which is being written by one of the History group set up in 2015).

The parish history is only important if  it helps us to build our community spirit and we move on from the past. 

 St Timothy's church

St Timothy's church


We are starting a monthly series of Special Articles written by parishioners on behalf of various teams or groups. After contributions from the RCIA team in September and the Knights of St Columba in October. it is the turn of the Social and Welfare Group in November.

Recent events

A page has been added about the Christian Brothers at St Timothy’s, their way of living and their work

Some parishioners joined members of other churches on a walk for CAFOD …..

Ten delegates from the parish went to Adoremus and 3 have submitted reports….

KSC has recently paid for refurbishment of the sanctuary lamp at St Paul's

The Lourdes at Home events between July 21st and 28th were well attended...…

Some Parishioners went to Lourdes.....

Pat has written a History of the Senior Choir

There was a Junior Choir concert at St Paul's on Friday 13th July at 7:30pm...…

The parish retreat on June 16th has been made....

The AGM and Awards Evening for St Paul's Scout Group was held in St Paul's Parish Centre on Friday 15th June,  ……

The newly formed Parish Council has had its first meeting to agree the constitution of the council.  Minutes coming later....?

The UCM had their annual Retreat at Sandymount recently....

The much needed improvements to various rooms at St Timothy's are finished. So we may be soon having a blessing ceremony of the new rooms. Watch this space....

Sacramental Events this week

Congratulations to our children who made  their First Holy Communion on Saturday, 24th June.....

Please keep them in your prayers

Also congratulations to children who have been baptised recently and to recently married couples.....

Brief Contact Details

address: The Presbytery 10, Spring Grove,  West Derby, Liverpool L12 8SJ

Parish office number: 0151 228 3405

email: (for general enquiries)

email: (for comments on web pages)

Upcoming Events

On Sunday 21st October, a pastoral letter about Synod 2020 from the Archbishop was read at all Masses……..

On Wednesday 14th November the Knights of St Columba will have their annual Mass of Remembrance for deceased Brothers …… 

Exposition and Rosary Monday to Friday starting at 8am is being discontinued from Monday, October 1st .....

The trip to Pantasaph and Holywell that had been arranged for June 23rd has been cancelled. It is being rearranged for a date in the Autumn...... 

Forthcoming ecumenical meetings have now been added to the calendar

 Synod 2020

Synod 2020

 Adoremus National Congress

Adoremus National Congress

 Adoremus Youth Congress

Adoremus Youth Congress

 St Paul's Infant School

St Paul's Infant School

 St Paul's Junior School

St Paul's Junior School


For brief details about services, meetings, future events etc,  please look at the calendar.

If any parish event or meeting is missing from the Calendar  or is incorrect, please give the information required by emailing

Note, though, that weekday masses are subject to change and so they have only been inserted for the current week.

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1. Many photographs  are altered by the webmaster. Some are cropped, some are made brighter, some have minor details removed. After advice, some of the older photos that were inserted at the start of the website process did have faces slightly pixelated because of lack of consent  from parishioners  at  the time. Some people may have objected to this -  so the pixelation has now been removed. It is hoped that the webmaster is not attacked by former parishioners who have left this world!  All pictures have their resolution reduced to save space and, hence, loading times are shorter.  Anyone who wants a copy of the original photo can apply to the webmaster who will ask the original owner of the photo for permission to be sent. 

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