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Improvements at St Timothy's

We may be soon having a blessing ceremony of the new rooms at St Timothy. The much needed improvements are nearly finished. Watch this space....

The work continues at St Timothy's slowly but surely we are getting there in making much needed improvements to the church and the back areas. We have created a new working sacristy, a new priests sacristy and a much needed parish meeting room. There will also be created soon a small meeting room which will be used also by safeguarding team in the parish. The side chapel has been painted to give a brighter and warmer feel to it. This will in the future house the piety stall goods and cards. We are currently creating a new notice board area which should be completed by next week. You will have noticed that just before Easter that the new sanctuary carpet was fitted and shortly after Easter the large cross at the front of the church had been restored. All of these works have greatly enhanced the church and surrounding areas. Of course all of these works come at a cost and some people have kindly made donations towards these works. If you feel that you too would like to make a donation please see Fr Darren.