Special Article for November 2018

We are starting a new feature where someone in the parish is invited to write an article about a particular venture or group. On the first Sunday of the month, the newsletter will contain a short article and this will be expanded in most cases for this special page.  The Social and Welfare Group are providing the page for this month.

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Social and Welfare Group

It’s been difficult to provide a snapshot of Social & Welfare as we’ve had such a diverse history over the years, including regular visits to Seel Street supporting the sisters there caring for the homeless, visiting the elderly at home and cooking for residents in sheltered accommodation around the parish. We don’t have a formal mission but we try to serve where we can by aiming to unite our fellow worshippers and kindred spirits in a more social context outside of our two churches.

As has been mentioned, earlier this year, we organised our annual St Patricks Day party with live music, Irish bingo, a quiz and free buffet. We were also lucky enough to be entertained by a fantastic Irish dancer who made it look so easy! We’re already looking ahead to celebrating St Patrick’s Day next year on Saturday 16th March 2019 – keep the date in your diaries.

In July we held “Lourdes at Home” in our parish for the first time to coincide with the annual Archdiocese Youth Pilgrimage to Lourdes. It was a week of prayerful celebration complimented by follow on socials. The weather was kind and we enjoyed Mass and processions outside. All age groups were included, with a BBQ for our young people and an evening social for adults. We held an International Mass with readings and prayers in the native languages of parishioners. It was amazing to discover in our immediate community so many Catholics from different countries giving all of us a sense of belonging in the World Church. We held a Mass for those who are Sick and organised a get together afterwards in the parish club. We are planning for a similar week of events next year and look forward to hearing from you how we can build on that week.

Looking ahead to Advent we are planning for Christingle on the evening of the fourth Sunday In Advent – please join us then for prayers and Carols.

If anyone is interested in becoming more involved in Social & Welfare, please contact us through the parish website and most of all remember to join in and support our events whenever you can – we’ll be delighted to see you.

There will be some photos later.